Cash For Junk Cars Service

Ecology pays cash for junk cars in any condition. We will come to where your car is located in San Diego, California and hand you cash on the spot, and tow away your car free of charge. Many us think it’s impossible to get cash for old cars because vehicles tent to loss value over time witch is normal for any car. Every car is different some are worth more then others, just remember that your car will bring you some cash at some point.

Everyone likes the idea of getting some cash when trying to sell a cars. Contact us today and get rid of your clunker.

Trying to Junk Your Car?

We understand it can be hard to sell a junk or damaged car as a private seller. People are always looking to buy a good running car when their last car has broken down and never look for clunker to replace junker. This is what will make it close to impossible to sell a clunker, yes maybe someone will tell you they’ll buy it but at the end will just never show up or they will but just wast your time, on the other hand we will take your vehicle because this is what we do buy clunkers for cash.

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